Education and Employment is the web portal for information and online services provided by the Missouri Division of Workforce Development (DWD). DWD provides workforce services for businesses and job seekers. In Missouri, DWD serves as the state agency that administers the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Wagner-Peyser funding for workforce activities.

As a division of the Department of Economic Development (DED), we strive to enhance Missouri’s economy by:

  • Helping job seekers find gainful employment with family sustaining wages and
  • Providing businesses with a skilled, trained workforce to successfully compete in the global economy

A statewide network of Missouri Job Centers and partner organizations allow us to offer a wide array of vital services to Missouri’s job seekers and businesses.


Missouri's Career Education delivery system consists of 519 local education agencies.  These local education agencies include 437 comprehensive high school districts (53 with area career centers), one state technical college, 12 community college districts (four with area career centers), seven four-year institutions, and two state agencies.  The network of area career centers provides an economical source of occupational-specific skill training which is available to residents within each school's service delivery area.

Missouri Career Education combines academics and occupational skill training to prepare students of all ages.  Training programs are offered in Agriculture, Business, Health Sciences, Family and Consumer Sciences, Skilled Technical Sciences, Technology and Engineering, and Marketing and Cooperative Education.


The Missouri Labor Department is comprised of the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission and the following five divisions:

Division of Employment Security
Collects tax contributions from employers and pays unemployment benefits to individuals who are determined eligible under the law.

Division of Workers' Compensation
Ensures that workers injured on the job receive the benefits they deserve and investigates allegations of workers' compensation fraud and noncompliance.

Division of Labor Standards
Regulates wages and wage rates and promotes safe working environments.

State Board of Mediation
Determines the appropriate bargaining unit for public employees and regulates utility labor relations.

Missouri Commission on Human Rights
Enforces and adjudicates Missouri's anti-discriminatory, fair housing, employment, and public accommodation statutes.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security encourages economic growth and stability in Illinois by providing Employment Services to Illinois residents and employers, analyzing and disseminating essential Labor Market Information, and administering Unemployment Insurance programs.